Tetsuo Kogawa will hold a workshop on building miniFM transmitters. This workshop would be especially of interest to those wanting to take advantage of New Zealand's Low Power FM legislation for unlicensed broadcasting, or those wishing to incorporate transmitters in performances.

Entry is free but limited to a small number of people!

Please register by emailing the remote team:

You will need to bring a soldering iron (less than 30watts/220volts), small tweezers and small
wire-cutter. Dick Smith currently have 25 watt soldering irons on sale for $14.63! - check here.

You will also need: your own 9 volt battery, and some sound device like a CD player or MD player AND a FM portable radio receiver, so that after building the transmitter, you can test transmitting-receiving.

The components, epoxy and solder will be provided by Tetsuo at no charge.

Tetsuo says:
"This is a workshop to experience what radio transmission is like. It would be a minimum experience of radio transmission that could be developed to radio art and even micro radio. The transmitter that the participant will make has only 30 meter radius of transmission at best. But I hope people have a convivial wireless imagination.

Plan: I will demonstrate how you build a micro transmitter by yourself (10 min.); every participant starts building his / her (or a pair's) transmitter; and then we experiment with transmitting and receiving."